Dunya is a production company that empowers people of colour to tell stories that drive social change.


We develop and produce award-winning filmed entertainment and live events that understand the context of an increasingly diverse global audience and how to reach them.

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Dunya helps close the knowledge gap between humans and their health care by creating medically reliableentertaining, and culturally relevant content across TV, film, and the Internet.

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With a deep understanding of underserved demographicsengaging storytelling, and cutting-edge distribution, Dunya reaches nearly two million people every year, including over 60% of Canadian South Asians

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We craft unforgettable offline experiences in an increasingly online world, connecting niche audiences with their stories and selves to transform how they see the world and their place in it.


Founded in 2016, Dunya is steeped in story, driven by research and focused on impact. With over a decade of experience in film, digital strategy, and health sciences, we bring our experience crafting culturally relevant content to create projects that stand out.


Kashif Pasta
Creative Director

A filmmaker from birth, Kashif uses his communications, digital strategy and storytelling experience to craft compelling narratives that help raise more voices in global conversations. Also obsessed with public policy, architecture, and the world of consumer packaged goods retail, which comes in handy more than you'd think.

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Shyam Valera
Producer, Lead Scientist

The Bill Nye of South Asian health care. With a background in population health and film producing, Shyam is all about creating culturally relevant content that is easy-to-understand without being dumbed down.

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