Stories save lives.

Over 60% of heart disease patients worldwide are Indian. How do we help global South Asians understand and take action to improve their health with culturally relevant solutions?

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Dunya uses stories to create action.

Using compelling storytelling to drive attention to deeper learning, we help build awareness and pair it with practical action in the real world.


1: Tell Stories.

Media affects social change.

58% of medical show viewers learn something new from what they watch. 29% take an action.

Stories are incredible tools of change, introducing often-complex topics in relateable, accessible, culturally relevant contexts that audiences can identify with.


2: Go Deeper.

A great story leaves an audience wanting more, and with the power of digital platforms we can now take that desire for more and direct it towards short, bite-sized and nutrient-dense non-fiction content that explains some of the core concepts that the original narrative explored.

The nonfiction content dives deeper into more practical information that the audience needs. The actual science behind an issue, practical recipes for success from credible sources who may even end up being advertisers. Drivers towards documentable, real-world action.

3: Drive Action.

This is what it’s ultimately all about. Creating change in the real world. Even if the action is small, as long as it’s measurable a campaign can be considered a success.

Action can take any number of forms, with small, offline activations being some of the
most effective and measurable.

Connecting media messages with real-world actions like recommendations for clinics, user-submitted stories or in-person events at temples and mosques, and there is a measurable outcome to the impact of the original story.


Social impact for everyone

We all know that no single interaction with a message is enough to affect lasting change.

But a planned and coordinated constellation of media, information, and real-world behavioural nudges can do exactly that.

Narrative is a more inclusive approach to a diverse health population, and addresses people all the way around a change cycle

Audience members who have never considered the health issues around a narrative before now know that the issue exists.

Those who are aware of the issues will find a narrative gives them practical methods of preparing for action

And those who already know what they need to do to make a change will feel less alone.

for example...

Welcome to Surrey

In our comedic narrative series Welcome to Surrey, scenes that took place at the Surrey Hospital had a notable behavioural impact for audience members who felt represented by patients in the show.

Although non-fiction, informational content about reducing sugar intake could be found in pamphlets at the doctor's office, seeing themselves reflected in a comedic narrative led women ages 40-65 to relate more directly to the health scenario.


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